About ShivaRam

ShivaRam Wolfgang Thom
In March 2014, Wolfgang was given the name ShivaRam by his beloved guru, Mooji. He is a healing artist, meditation and yoga teacher who devotes his life to reconnecting himself and his students to the deep beauty, which lies within every one of us.He comes from a background in the visual arts and working as an event designer. Over the last 20 years he has been fortunate enough to study and explore the Alexander Technique, Rolfing, Continuum Movement, Pilates-Core Alignment, Body Mind Centering and Trauma Therapy.ShivaRam is a disciple of yogiraj Alan Finger and part of the Ishta Yoga lineage.

ISHTA stands for Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra and Aryuveda and is a breath-based system that incorporates alignment, meditation and healing bodywork. He is a certified advanced (500hr) Ishta yoga and meditation teacher.Each student is assisted to find his or her most healing approach to their yoga practice based on their body type and individual needs. In order to facilitate awareness of the relationship between self, body and mind, ShivaRam uses breathing and visualization techniques as well as sound healing and intuitive touch.

In January 2011 he first met his beloved guruji Mooji. Since then, Mooji’s clarity and love has opened the doors to Advaita (non-duality) and Vicara (self-inquiry). His loving and constant directing confirms that all we need to do is to open up to the peace and the silence which underlies everything alive and is inside us all.

ShivaRam’s classes allow students to connect intuitively with their inherent truth.

His lifelong interest in the relationship between body, mind and soul has led ShivaRam to an alignment-specific, precise teaching style. To this end, he strongly emphasizes the power of breath and inner observation. Further, he joyfully shares with students the teachings of his beloved guru Mooji, who embodies effortless, grace and a good sense of humor.

ShivaRam sees his teaching and practice as therapeutic teaching students to honor the physical body and respect its desire to find balance and harmony. By truly understanding ourselves as an energy antenna between earth and sky, we learn to harness the mind and identify with a space and silence beyond words. This is peace and it is our birthright.

He lives in Accord, NY and teaches in the Hudson Valley and New York City.

To schedule a private class or for the public class schedule please call 845 626 3539 or contact WolfgangYoga@gmail.com