“I am so grateful to have met ShivaRam. Through ShivaRam’s deep knowledge of yoga, and his teaching style, I have found myself grounded and with a peacefulness in my heart as never before.  He has invited and guided me on a wonderful journey connecting me with the many different techniques of breath, meditation and physical practice through his vast experience.   And as much as he has has helped my physical practice, (I have found great relief from several chronic injuries),I have found a spiritual grounding and balance that has enabled me to strengthen my mind, body & soul anew. Even though every practice is different (which I adore), I am ALWAYS left from my time with ShivaRam with a feeling of being peaceful, grounded, and balanced from within. I have found my practice, and my life, has deepened on every level. Namaste.”

– Amy F. New York City

“My practice with  ShivaRam is like feeding pure natural medicine to my soul. He knows how to apply just the right amount of guidance to help me find my own inner navigation system which creates a stronger spiritual, physical and mental balance on and off the mat. I am so grateful to have discovered him. A real gem.”

– Brad L, San Francisco, CA

“ShivaRam is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever had.  He’s so good at explaining poses, helping me identify which muscles to use, which not to use….I’ve done yoga for many years, and feel I am just getting to really understand some of the poses.  He’s helped me gain confidence in my body after suffering from a painful back and wrist problem–I have really come to value the therapeutic power of yoga since working with him. I’ve also learned how to listen to my body and understand it better, and I put this down to ShivaRam’s careful attention, capacity to listen, and deep conviction in the healing power of yoga.  I also appreciate the spiritual dimension he brings to his classes, his humor, and the calming presence of his adorable dog, Luca.”

– Stephanie D, Kerhonkson NY

“I discovered ShivaRam’s teaching five years ago and was drawn to his work because he has a remarkable way of encouraging and gently leading students into looking at themselves and the world from a new perspective. Over my years of studying with ShivaRam, he has opened up an entirely new approach to yoga integrating physical work on the mat with the demands of everyday life in a way that brings both into closer alignment.”

– Ann C, Sidmouth England

“It is never too late to begin yoga and enter a world of support and meditation.  I began at 65 and for the past 3 years have experienced ShivaRams patient restorative yoga techniques.  His focus is always right reading me better than I have been able to do myself.  We work together each week in the non-competitive world of yoga.  At the end of each session I feel taller, more centered and relaxed.  And it doesn’t go away.  I smile more all the time.  Thank you, ShivaRam!”

– Jim H, Stone Ridge, NY

“After 20 years of practicing yoga with a variety of teachers, I finally found a yoga home with ShivaRam.  He creates a space of true non-judgment. He is precise with alignment cues but at the same time brings you to a place deep inside yourself. ShivaRam is a rare find, a warm, loving, accepting teacher who lives his practice in his daily life.”

– Hollis D, Accord, NY

“ShivaRam’s yoga classes are like no other practitioner-led classes I’ve attended!  His superior knowledge of the way the body is connected allows him to guide you through asanas so that you are acutely aware of the inner workings of bones, tissues and organs.  He judiciously makes corrections that slightly alter a pose, and at the same time dramatically improve it.  I’ve practiced yoga for 15 years with various teachers, and ShivaRam has taken my practice to another level.  He has so much to give those who work with him in both the physical and mental practice.  I particularly enjoy his rich imagery.  “Allow your shoulder blades to create a platter to present your heart to the universe.”

– Gene M, Rhode Island

“Grief hurts.  The death of my beautiful brother, Joe, has been life-changing.  I so benefitted from my time with ShivaRam. He is a Yoga Luminary. He radiates harmony and love and provided the necessary BALM for my aching heart.  He assisted me in my griefwalk.  He guided me back to wellness and his teachings not only reached me, but trickled down into my family. (My husband thanks you.  And my three children thank you!) In this world where we all want a “quick fix,” ShivaRam teaches acceptance and patience.  I encourage all to join him and experience the “natural” formula.”

– Jane B. NYC, NY

“ShivaRam is a truly gifted teacher.  His gentle nature and kind heart create the perfect yoga environment.” –

Janet G.

“ShivaRam brings a non-judgmental, open heart, keen intuition and a wealth of anatomical knowledge to his classes and as he chooses to work on himself consistently his teaching constantly evolves and deepens. I couldn’t recommend him more.”

– Linda O’K

“ShivaRam is an inspiring yoga teacher who genuinely cares about the inner and outer well being of his students.  His attention to form, his asana and meditation sequences, his generosity of spirit and his deep, bass voice chanting in earth vibrating resonance are all part of the magic of practicing yoga with him.”

– C. Arra

“A class with ShivaRam is an easy visit to another place. The class settles in and his sonorous voice washes over us. We relax, all tensions set aside for now. It’s effortless to float off into an internal space of harmony where all is kind, all is gentle and life is beautiful. Thank you ShivaRam!”

– Brenda R,